Wine Cooler Repair


If you are someone who loves wine, then you must know that nothing compares to the feeling of sipping a cold, bittersweet, fine-aged wine to end any day, especially if it’s a bad one. Apparently, most wine lovers don’t like to drink it warm and instead of jamming these luxurious bottles into the fridge, they just decided to buy their own wine coolers. Not only did they make their wine cold, but also saved some storage capacity in the fridge simultaneously.

On this day and age, wine coolers are growing more popular thanks to the convenience it serves at home—not to mention its low-cost maintenance plan. Whether it is used for social gatherings or personal alone time, wine coolers are your “to-go appliance” when it comes to making your wine cold.

But if your wine cooler seems to have malfunctioned for some reason you don’t know, we suggest calling an appliance repair service in Sanford, Florida that provides same-day service to diagnose and fix wine cooler problems.

Here at Alpha Appliance Repair LLC, we offer that same-day appliance repair service in Sanford, FL we just mentioned above. After the call, we will immediately deploy our experts to your house to diagnose the problems and fix your wine cooler the very same day. Of course, we don’t want you to go on another day deprived of the luxury of enjoying a cold glass of your favorite wine.



Over time the door and locks of a wine cooler will begin to malfunction due to regular use. Despite that, this kind of problem is not something you should panic about. You can easily identify the problem since the common causes are the loose screws on hinges or broken/cracked rubber gasket seal. But if it’s something beyond that, make sure to give us a call. Our team can quickly fix this up and make your wine cooler function like it’s all brand new.


Water leakage? No problem! Our expert technicians can resolve this problem without any difficulty. The culprit behind water leakage is excessive condensation in which warm air enters between the small gaps of your wine cooler. Eventually, this will result in an immense growth of condensation, building up moisture which crawls in every gap it can go through until it reaches down the bottom of your wine cooler. In the meantime, you can make DIY solutions such as placing a baking soda in the wine cooler for moisture absorption or replace the old seals with new ones.


Before anything else, you should know first thing that there are two types of wine coolers; one uses a thermoelectric system, while the other uses a compressor system—both of which control the wine cooler’s temperature. Now, if your wine cooler isn’t able to make your wine cold, then there might be a problem. There are a number of reasons as to why your wine cooler is acting this way. If you’re using the thermoelectric cooler, it could be the improper room temperature and a defective fan that trigger it off. But, if you’re using the compressor cooler counterpart, it could be due to a faulty thermostat and evaporator, as well as a dead fan.