Trash Compactor Repair


Any homeowner know how beneficial to have a trash compactor at home. It’s a lifesaver for regular disposal of trash until it starts to act funny or stops working. If your trash compactor seems to be broken, giving off foul odor or just making strange noise, you can call Alpha Appliance Repair LLC to give you a full diagnosis of your trash compactor and fix each corresponding issue it may have, making it work to its fullest potential and be of longer lasting usage.



A trash compactor may rather look as a simple appliance that you don’t need knowledge about to fix it all on your own. But once it starts to make loud noises during operation, you’ll definitely feel disturbed and not use it again until it’s fixed. If your trash compactor makes banging or thumping noises, its problem could only be the drive gear. First, turn off the trash compactor and then locate where the drive gear is—you can usually find it at the bottom. If you notice some damage, then it’s probably the best time to replace it with a new one.


Having a hard time opening or closing your trash compactor’s drawer? We, at Alpha Appliance Repair LLC got your back. The common cause of this concern may be either the drawer rollers or the foot pedal. You can lift the drawer out to check these two out. If the drawer rollers appear to have some damage or warp, you could just apply some grease as a temporary solution to help smooth up the ins and outs of the drawer itself within the opening. But, if it won’t do the trick, then replacement is a must. As for the foot pedal, check its mounting screws if they’re loose as they only need to be tightened. While at it, make sure that the foot pedal is properly aligned with the drawer catch, so there won’t be any rough scratching when both come into contact.


If you’re unlucky enough and your trash compactor won’t start, it may have a problem with the start switch, drive motor, foot pedal or directional switch. On the other hand, if the cycle operation won’t stop, the problem could lie in the top limit/directional switch or start switch—either needs to be replaced with a new one. This can be a bit more complicated to discuss here but once you set an appointment with Alpha Appliance Repair LLC, we will explain these two in a detailed manner as to how the mechanism works in both areas.