Ice Maker Repair


Whether you need the use of ice for coffees, whiskeys or even orange juice, it is incredibly accommodating to a variety of our drinking beverages. These are the things which make us want to buy an ice maker in consideration. Of course, why is there a need of buying an ice maker as a separate appliance when you can just have a refrigerator that’s best of both worlds, right? This argument is perfectly valid, but honestly, owning an ice maker can mean ideal conditions, such as having no more ice trays in the fridge or buying bags full of ice at the nearest convenience store. As you can see, these are the expediency an ice maker can offer for its proud owners.

By owning one, you can go and grab as much ice as you want without worrying you’ll run out, but what if, by any chance, your ice maker suddenly stops working? Well, here’s an icebreaker, we, at Alpha Appliance Repair LLC from Sanford FL, possess all the necessary knowledge and equipment with regards to getting your ice maker up and running again. We provide immediate assistance the very same day you get in touch with us via call.



Clogged water filter perhaps is the most common issue with an ice maker and everyone who owns an ice maker is no stranger to this. Clogging concern usually result from an ice maker not being maintained regularly in compliance to the manufacturer’s specifications or instruction manual. You should check the instruction manual to familiarize yourself and be able to locate where the filter is to clean it. But before you that, you should first turn off your ice maker and unplug it.


With the cocktails all prepared, you’re enjoying a holiday break with your friends and family but by the time you dispense some ice from your ice maker, the ice are all dirty and cloudy, what gives? Well, the common culprit behind this disgusting ice production is the dirty, clogged water filter. Aside from that, an expired or damaged water filter can be a playing factor, too— as well as the water supply being all dirty and such. Get in touch with us and our team will fix the issue on the very same day you call.


If your ice maker doesn’t produce ice anymore, the water line may have already reached its freezing point. The frozen water line acts as a clog which prevents your ice maker to produce ice. You can absolutely make DIY solutions to this problem, such as pouring a warm water to melt it down, defrost it through the use of hair dryer or simply let your ice maker sitting unplugged for hours until the frozen water line dissolves.


You may encounter your ice maker producing but it also leaks water. The most common causes of water leak for ice makers are unsecured or punctured water line, clogs due to ice buildup or dirt debris. You can check the water line to tighten it or replace it. As for the ice buildup and dirt debris clogs, you can just refer above on how to fix it. These are the simple ways you can do before you call an expert technician to fix the water leakage. But if nothing works, call us and we will get this problem solved for you in no time.