Garbage Disposal Repair


Obviously, if we’re rather the meticulous kind when it comes to cleanliness, we’d be always keeping our kitchen counters and dining table all neat and tidy. Homeowners who have a straight record of a well-organized kitchen area are usually equipped with the finest, innovative appliance for waste management. Who wouldn’t want that, right? Well, using a garbage disposal is the most ideal, practical way to deal with food waste and trash at home. But, as any appliance would over time, there will come a day in which your garbage disposal stops functioning to get the job done. When it does, you’re likely to have a difficult time in managing all your garbage at home.

To save you from the inconvenience, let Alpha Appliance Repair LLC do the repair for your garbage disposal. Our expert technicians from Sanford will come by at your house the very same day you call us. Of course, we don’t want you to get to the point wherein you have a pile of foul-smelling garbage infested of worms inside or outside your house.



Perhaps one of the common issues any homeowner will encounter with garbage disposal is water leakage. The perpetrator could be the loose pipe connections, most especially when the disposal is newly installed and the connections aren’t sealed as they should be. However garbage disposal will be prone to more leaking over time due to rust which causes the pipe connections to loosen. In any case, if the leakage starts from where the sink is, the drain gasket or the unit’s mounting screws should be replaced.


It can be a real disaster when you throw your trash in the garbage disposal, expecting it’ll do its job properly but it turns out that your garbage disposal is grinding poorly. First off, make sure you’re running enough water in every operation. Also, it is worth mentioning that there are certain things that shouldn’t be put into the garbage disposal. If you’re confident that you go by these two rules, try to listen to your garbage disposal when in use. If it’s running out loud and yet the grinding results are quite futile, then it could be the blades that are already broken.


It’s nice to simply do your trash into the garbage disposal until it shuts down completely on you. There are several reasons concerning unexpected shutdowns, it may be clogged, long usage or overheat. Garbage disposals are designed to shut down automatically when one of the mentioned reasons is at play. The easiest way to resolve this is to just reset the garbage disposal by gently pressing the red button until it’s retracted in. If the button won’t stay in, then the garbage disposal may require professional service. Get in touch with us and we will arrive shortly after your call. Once we check up on your garbage disposal, we’ll provide you a detailed explanation as to why your garbage disposal is behaving that way.